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This course provides an in-depth exploration of the intersection between entrepreneurship and sustainable healthcare solutions. Students will learn how to identify opportunities for innovation in healthcare, develop sustainable business models, and navigate the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. 

What will i learn?

  • Understanding of Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Students should gain a clear understanding of what healthcare entrepreneurship entails, its significance in addressing healthcare challenges, and the potential for positive societal impact through innovative solutions.
  • Ability to Identify Innovation Opportunities: By the end of the course, students should be able to identify unmet needs and gaps within the healthcare industry, using methods like design thinking and critical analysis of current trends.
  • Sustainable Business Model Development: Students should be capable of creating comprehensive business models that incorporate sustainability, ethical considerations, and social responsibility, specifically tailored to healthcare ventures.
  • Knowledge of Regulatory and Ethical Landscape: Students should be well-versed in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of healthcare, understanding the ethical implications of their entrepreneurial endeavors, and prioritizing patient safety.
  • Prototyping and MVP Development: Students should be able to apply lean startup principles to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for healthcare solutions, facilitating iterative testing, refinement, and adaptation based on real-world feedback.
  • Effective Pitching Skills: Graduates of the course should possess the skills to pitch their healthcare startup ideas persuasively, effectively communicating the value proposition, market need, and sustainability aspects to potential stakeholders.
  • Integration of Sustainability: Students should recognize the importance of integrating sustainability and social responsibility into their healthcare entrepreneurial ventures, considering both environmental impact and long-term societal benefits.
  • Appreciation for Ethics and Compliance: Students should develop a heightened awareness of ethical challenges within the healthcare entrepreneurship landscape, learning how to balance innovation with responsible practices and compliance.
  • Practical Insights from Industry Experts: Exposure to guest speakers from healthcare startups should provide students with real-world insights, lessons learned, and practical advice on navigating challenges in the healthcare entrepreneurship field.
  • Holistic Problem-Solving: Graduates should be capable of approaching healthcare challenges holistically, considering not only innovative solutions but also their broader implications, including sustainability, ethics, and social impact.
  • Final Pitch Presentation: The course's culminating activity, the final pitch presentation, should allow students to showcase their ability to synthesize all learned concepts into a compelling pitch for a sustainable healthcare startup.
  • Global Healthcare Perspective: Students should leave the course with an understanding of the role of healthcare entrepreneurship in addressing global healthcare challenges and contributing to positive change on a larger scale.


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Frequently asked question

Healthcare entrepreneurship involves creating innovative solutions to address challenges in the healthcare sector. It's important because it leads to improved patient care, increased accessibility to healthcare services, and the potential to solve complex health-related issues through sustainable business practices.

Sustainability in healthcare entrepreneurship refers to creating ventures that are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and financially viable. It involves designing solutions that not only address current health needs but also consider long-term impacts on the environment and society.

Successful healthcare entrepreneurs include individuals like Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos and Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe. These entrepreneurs have revolutionized diagnostic testing and personalized medicine, respectively, showcasing the potential for innovation in healthcare.

Identifying opportunities involves analyzing current trends, conducting market research, and using methods like design thinking to uncover unmet needs and gaps in the healthcare sector. Guest speakers from healthcare startups will also share their experiences in recognizing opportunities.

Ethical considerations are vital in healthcare entrepreneurship due to the potential impact on patient well-being. Entrepreneurs must balance their innovative ideas with ethical responsibilities, ensuring that patient safety and compliance with regulations are prioritized.

Integrating sustainability involves designing business models that take into account environmental impact, social responsibility, and long-term viability. You'll learn strategies to develop a business model canvas that reflects these values.

An MVP is a simplified version of your healthcare solution that contains essential features. It allows you to quickly test your idea, gather user feedback, and refine your product based on real-world insights, all while conserving resources.

Navigating regulations requires a deep understanding of the specific requirements for healthcare products and services. We'll cover the basics of regulatory compliance and its importance in ensuring patient safety and the legality of your venture.

Yes, you can. Many successful healthcare entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds, including business, engineering, and technology. Collaborating with healthcare professionals can provide the necessary domain expertise.

In addition to the recommended readings like "The Innovator's Prescription" and "The Lean Startup," you'll have access to relevant academic articles, industry reports, and online resources that offer deeper insights into healthcare entrepreneurship and sustainability.

By fostering a holistic understanding of healthcare entrepreneurship that considers sustainability, ethics, and social impact, you'll be better equipped to develop solutions that can contribute positively to global healthcare challenges.

The final pitch presentation is your chance to showcase your understanding of the course concepts. You'll present your sustainable healthcare startup idea, highlighting its value proposition, market need, ethical considerations, and plans for scaling.

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Chidume Mweledi



I'm a medical student with a keen interest in the marketing side of healthcare. This course was a perfect blend of my two passions. It demystified digital marketing for me and showed me how I can leverage these strategies in my future medical career. I'm excited to combine my medical knowledge with these marketing skills.

Cleophas Simiyu



Perfect for my startup heavily focusing on sustainable solutions

Nimrod Okemwa



Useful for sustainability advocates like mysefl.

Harrison Gitau



A Perfect reminder that the world’s biggest healthcare challenges can only be tackled with innovative, inclusive, and system-wide solutions. I certainly recommend this course to all Sustainability Champions

Bryan Linturi



This course equips you with the interdisciplinary skills and insights you need to develop practical solutions and lead sustainable transformation in your healthcare business, sector, and society at large.

Anne Kawera



Fresh, insightful, and what every healthcare business needs now!

Celestine Robai



i recommend this short course to startups and ventures mindful of minimizing environmental impacts, and keen on doing nine harm

Jane Mbithe



Exactly what I needed! Ideal for social entrepreneurs like me who actively advocate for social responsibility.




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